Mark Williams

Head Winemaker

Louis M. Martini | Napa
Napa, California

Growing up, Mark Williams spent his summers helping his father, a University of California at Davis viticulture professor, harvest table grapes for research. So, it came as no surprise when Mark decided to major in food science and enology at California State University, Fresno.

Years of accompanying his father while pruning, harvesting and researching Paso Robles, Napa Valley and other premier winegrowing regions, made enology a natural progression for Mark. Today, he crafts wines in the heart of Napa for Louis M. Martini Winery. “It’s an honor to be a part the dedicated team at one of Napa Valley’s landmark producers,” said Mark. “Together, we share the commitment to continue the winery’s nearly 90-year legacy of superior craftsmanship in the cellar.”

Mark joined E. & J. Gallo Winery in 2001 as an enologist and has gained varied experience over the past decade. His winemaking career has led him around the world from the Eden Valley in Australia to the Edna Valley on California’s Central Coast. Prior to his role as Senior Winemaker at Louis M. Martini Winery, Mark crafted wines for William Hill Estate, Mount Peak and Bridlewood Estate Winery in Santa Barbara.

Mark enjoys hiking, mountain biking and skiing. He is an avid wine collector and loves to travel and explore new wine regions.