Roland Jimmy Joseph


Estella - Boston, MA

Chef Roland “Jimmy” Joseph, born in Miami, FL, and raised in Charlestown, MA, embarked on his culinary journey over 20 years ago. Starting as a
dishwasher, Chef Joseph worked his way up through various prestigious establishments, including Big Night Live Entertainment, Scorpion Bar, and
Versus, all under the mentorship of Executive Corporate Chef Kevin Scott and Jay Austin. His dedication and passion for the culinary arts led him
to further roles, including Chef de Cuisine at Eva and more, before ultimately ascending to the position of Executive Chef at Estella Restaurant in
Downtown Boston. As Executive Chef, Jimmy is entrusted with crafting and refining Estella’s menu while leading a dynamic team of culinary
professionals. His responsibilities extend beyond menu creation to ensuring impeccable execution in the kitchen, maintaining quality standards,
and fostering a collaborative and innovative culinary environment. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Chef Jimmy brings
a unique blend of creativity and expertise to Estella’s culinary offerings.

Outside of the kitchen, Chef Jimmy finds inspiration in his travels across the globe, where he explores diverse cuisines and culinary traditions.
While his roots lie in Caribbean and Latin cuisine, his culinary repertoire reflects a fusion of global influences. As a man of Haitian descent, he
attributes much of his love for cooking to his mother, whose exceptional culinary skills and dedication to family values have left an indelible mark
on his cooking style. Chef Jimmy pays homage to his mother’s legacy with each dish he creates, infusing every bite with love, tradition, and a
sense of home. While he holds a special affinity for Caribbean cuisine, Chef Jimmy’s signature dish—a nontraditional Bolognese pappardelle
pasta with a Haitian twist—showcases his innovative approach to blending flavors and techniques from around the world.