Mike DiStefano

Executive Chef

Oak & Rowan
Boston, MA

Mike Distefano grew up in Westerly, Rhode Island and can trace his culinary roots right back to that small, coastal town. More specifically, to his grandfather’s home where he visited the neighbor’s farm often. There, amongst the apple trees, corn and chickens, he found his love for the kitchen.


Fast forward a few years and Distefano is now in the kitchen at Oak and Rowan. The 29 year old Boston resident works the line with a focus on developing a culture and a team that is dedicated to food.


After spending time at Giulia (Cambridge), American Seasons (Nantucket) and 492 (Charleston), Distefano has found his home in this Fort Point kitchen, where he relishes working with great people crafting great food.


When he’s not in the kitchen, the young chef can be found spending time with his girlfriend,  a Nantucket native who has since retired from the restaurant business, or taking long walks in the woods with Finn, his Australian shepherd border collie mix.


Distefano is always looking to expand his knowledge of food and business, and points to San Francisco and Chicago as his favorite food cities for inspiration.