Mayumi Hattori

Chef and Partner

The Club Car
Nantucket, MA

Chef Mayumi Hattori has 13 years of cooking experience in award- winning kitchens ranging from Craigie Street Bistro to Toro to Straight Wharf Restaurant. She’s trained under several James Beard winners, including Tony Maws, Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette.


In 2014 Mayumi was awarded the Rising Star Chef designation. However, her strongest culinary influence was at the age of six, helping her Grandmother prepare simple and rustic, yet incredibly flavorful, Spanish dishes from humble ingredients. Her mother honored her Spanish roots as well as her husband’s Japanese traditions.

Unknowingly, Mayumi grew up on fusion-style cooking.  Despite an innate sensibility for cooking, it wasn’t until age 26 that she turned her passion into a profession.


After studying psychology at UC Berkeley, Mayumi attended California School of Culinary Arts. She honed her craft under mentors Alex Scrimgeour in Los Angeles, and later Amanda Lydon and Gabriel Frasca in Boston. Mayumi draws on diverse influences from Spanish/Mediterranean to Asian to Californian.


She fosters a kitchen culture that exudes great warmth and hospitality, balanced with precision and perfectionism. Her vision is a place where she can cook from the heart creating thoughtful, healthy, original dishes best enjoyed with a delicious drink and good company.