Jayson DeMarco

Executive Chef

Nantucket Inn - Nantucket, MA


As early as I can remember, I watched my mother make homemade Verona style polenta with some braised tripe and fresh mozzarella. Among many things, my mother taught me the passion of food and cooking, using the very best ingredients with some natural love. Cooking from the heart warms the soul and nurtures the body with more than just nutrients and flavor. Enjoyment of a good meal brings us all together in ways that are not put into words, ultimately bringing people together.

I have taken the passionate approach to cooking all my life, with no quality spared in any dish. As a young man working in my grandfather’s Italian meat market, I was exposed to many customs and preparations that are common today, but at the time were new and exciting. Curing meats, making sausages, butchering pig heads were among the preparations that I enjoyed participating in. Knowing exactly where your food is sourced is a key element to the quality and passion involved in any meal preparation. Watching my cousins and grandmother Making hundreds of meatballs, rolling dough for pasta, or just stuffing tortellini were small steps that ultimately set the tone for my career as a Chef.

After high school, I was a Cook at local hot spots, country clubs, hotels and all-over New England and Southern Florida. In my young adult career, I had the opportunity to travel Europe on a few occasions both for work and research, exposing myself to the great food cities of Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan and Amsterdam. After many years of working in privately owned restaurants and companies such as Starwood, Destination Hotels, Dolce, and Wyndham, I settled down into the Hotel Chef scene for 15 years.

My Chef career today I would like to take a more personal approach to cooking. A more intimate setting to showcase my cooking is where I’m able to personalize each plate, challenge and push limits with cuisine like no other setting, and where I can engage with the party that I am cooking for to ensure their meal is perfection. I would love the opportunity to let you experience my cooking on all levels of taste, including Italian, French, Southeast Asian, Spanish traditional.