Nadine Gublin


Domaine Jacques Prieur
Being well known as the first woman to receive the “Winemaker of the Year Award ” by the Revue des Vins de France in 1998, Nadine Gublin is Domaine Jacques Prieur’s winemaker since 1990. She actually starts her career in Mâcon as an oenologist in a lab and then joined Antonin Rodet from 1982 to 2008. Since then, she takes part of Labruyere family estates in Burgundy (Domaine Jacques Prieur in Meursault, Domaine Labruyère in Moulin à Vent and Champagne JM Labruyère Grand Cru in Verzenay).
She is probably the best ambassador of this new generation of winemakers who are kind to intervene as little as possible during the winemaking process and to postpone as much as she can the beginning of the harvest to make sure she will get the good balance between ripeness and acidity.
Nadine Gublin is not the kind of woman to spend her time in her lab. She clearly shares her day between the vineyard, the cellar, the lab and the tasting room. She likes to feel the health of the vines, to taste each barrel, to make sure the ageing is going well. If you spend a day with Nadine, you’ll see how passionate she is about her job, how great is her care for any part of her relationship with the grapes and the wines. After harvest, she is one the great ambassador of Domaine Jacques Prieur wines but, even if you meet her in Asia or in the USA, you can ask what the weather likes in Burgundy because she is always connected with the vineyard.
Do not ask her any question related with concentration, over ripeness, oak chips, or new fashion ways of winemaking…. Nadine has convinced everybody at the domaines that being organic is better for the vines and the wines, that being part of biodynamic is the next step for the domaine to achieve her supreme goal: finding the best expression of the Burgundian treasury: the terroir!