Carlo Franchetti


Tenuta di Trinoro
Tuscany, Italy

Carlo Franchetti is the Vice President of Vini Franchetti, formed in 2014 with Andrea Franchetti to market and distribute the wines the cousins produce at Tenuta di Trinoro, Passopisciaro, and Sancaba.


Andrea Franchetti created his first estate Tenuta di Trinoro from scratch in 1990, on rough farm and woodland in the far-flung reaches of southwest Tuscany. Though a significant challenge, this was equaled by his endeavor Passopisciaro on the slopes of Mt. Etna in 2000, which involved the renaissance of reclaimed formerly abandoned terraces of vines upon Sicily’s live volcano. Both sites are extraordinary, complex, and poles apart in terms of terroir. From both his Tuscan and Sicilian estates, Franchetti has produced a portfolio of wines that is rich and diverse. Each wine expresses the characteristics of the vintage, the particulars of the locations, and the fullest potential of the varieties.


In 2012, Carlo Franchetti began to produce wines from Pinot Noir grapes grown high in the hills surrounding San Casciano dei Bagni, and the following year Sancaba was born, as Carlo and Andrea worked together to coax the unique characteristics, depth, and richness expressed by the grape in this elevated terroir. In 2014, the Franchetti cousins brought their estates together.