Tracey Devlin

Wine Consultant
Nantucket, MA

Tracey Devlin has been involved in various aspects of the wine industry for the past eight years. Her start began while working for Seth and Angela Raynor at The Boarding House in 2011. Something about their wine program made her fall in love with the exquisite attention to detail that all aspects of wine required; the art, the science, & the passion. That same summer, Tracey worked part-time at Epernay Wine & Spirits, which was at the time owned by David & Amber Cantella. Both David & Amber taught Tracey a great deal about wine and the industry itself which led her to stay on island for the next few years. She went on to work with wine programs at Cru, The Galley, and Nautilus. In 2016, Tracey moved to Napa Valley where she spent just over two years working with small production, family-run, boutique-style wineries. Now in 2019, Tracey is back on the island establishing her own small business which focuses on a unique approach to private wine collections.