Marco Dal Forno


Dal Forno Romano
Val D'Illasi, Italy

Marco Dal Forno is the youngest of the three Dal Forno brothers.  He started his journey in the vineyards after graduating college with a degree in agricultural studies in 2004.  Marco worked side by side with his father, Romano, to learn the art of winemaking.  For him, this was better than any training a school could provide, due to Romano’s deep and extensive knowledge and experience.


Marco worked in the vineyards during the spring and summer seasons and in the cellar during the autumn and winter months.  This allowed him the ability to learn what was needed to improve both the cultivation of the vines and the process of making the wine itself, thus achieving a higher standard of quality for the final product.  Eventually his focus shifted solely to the vineyards and in 2008 started to collaborate with an agronomist.  This has led to many changes in how the family grows the vines.


His goal is to have the least negative impact on the environment while improving the quality of the grapes.  “I am convinced that if we respect mother nature, she will pay us back even more generously.”


The Dal Forno family is considered one of the best quality wine producers representing Italy today.  There are only a handful of winery’s at this level creating wines of extreme quality.


Monica Larner of The Wine Advocate says, “The wines of Dal Forno prove to be, once again, impossible to duplicate. They show such a high degree of individual personality that they occupy their own school of stylistic expression.”