Federico Ceretto


Ceretto Wines - Piedmont, Italy
Piedmont, Italy

Federico, the youngest of the family, son of Bruno, was born in 1977.

After high school, he chose the University Diploma Course in Business Administration and while
continuing his studies, he already entered the heart of his profession, beginning to deal with Ceretto’s
commercial management and especially with foreign markets, collaborating mainly with importers,
and also following the sales network in Italy, supporting agents in their visits to customers.
He is the man with the suitcase always ready to take a plane that will take him at least 10 days a
month away from home to visit the more than 60 countries where Ceretto wines are present.

Like his sister and cousins, he too has found in the family business the ideal place to give free rein to
his attitude.

Dynamic, sociable and a great wine lover, he immediately invested a lot of time and dedication in the
search for new export markets, exploring new countries that proved to be very interesting for market

“My generation is lucky to have inherited solid bases and strong values built in the past years by my
father and uncle. Our challenge now is to commit to following this path with a new and fresher vision.”
In the sector he deals with, there are continuous changes taking place and for this reason Federico’s
first concern is to keep himself updated and in step with the times.

“For foreign markets,” says Federico, “high-level public relations and direct customer relationships
will be increasingly important.”

Just because he is always traveling, one of his greatest passions in his spare time is taking care of his
house next to the family’s Barolo winery in Castiglione Falletto. At Bricco Rocche he has found his
right dimension and here he loves to welcome clients to continue talking about wines and good food
in a more relaxed and familiar context with his children, Alma Sofia and Tommaso and his wife

Federico is the CEO of Aziende Vitivinicole Ceretto and he is taking care of the family restaurants La
Piola and Piazza Duomo with Chef Enrico Crippa***.