Ryan Boya

Pastry Chef

ArtScience Culture Lab & Cafe
Cambridge, MA

An artist and inventor by nature, Pastry Chef Ryan Boya approaches imaginative desserts at Cambridge, MA’s ArtScience by adding a savory spin to an otherwise sweet realm. Utilizing seasonal ingredients, Boya’s fun, modern desserts represent alternative approaches to familiar French-inspired treats. Whimsical and intriguing, his creations combine surprising flavors, a mix of textures and stunning presentations.


Moving to Boston, Boya launched into his career at Bondir in Concord, MA where he gained new experience in the kitchen as a line cook. Boya soon realized that his passion lay with pastry and he moved on to become the executive pastry chef at Liquid Art House, a combination gallery and restaurant in downtown Boston, in 2014. During this time, Boya experimented with adding savory flavors to sweet desserts, cooked at James Beard Foundation events in the city, and gained recognition as one of the pastry luminaries at the annual Nantucket Wine & Food festival.


Now, at ArtScience, Boya continues to push the boundaries of pastry art as part of a restaurant that is focused on changing the world through exciting and informative food and drink experiences. He resides in Hudson, MA and spends his free time exploring new breweries in New England as well as frequenting other restaurants and bars in the city.