Kevin O’Donnell

Chef and Partner

Boston, MA

SRV Co-Executive Chef/Partner Kevin O’Donnell is one of Boston’s most talented rising star chefs whose background is compelling enough to play out on the big screen. Kevin grew up in North Kingston, RI into a half Irish, half Italian household. His grandparents also had a garden and he was always the last one at the table savoring every flavor that was put in front of him. When his mom went back to school, he learned how to cook and be creative in the kitchen and his siblings and dad loved everything he made for them. He worked in a quick service Italian restaurant when he was 16 and found himself in the kitchen learning how to make pizzas. He loved working in restaurants and while there, the chef who owned the pizzeria encouraged him to go to Johnson & Wales University. While at JWU, he staged at restaurant Zeppelin in Umbria, owned by Lorenzo Polegri, meeting SRV business partner Michael Lombardi along the way.


Kevin then left Italy to return to the states where he worked at Castle Hill Inn in Newport and later opened SRV with Michael in 2015.