Michael Lombardi

Chef and Partner

Boston, MA

Named one of Zagat’s “30 Under 30” for 2015, SRV Chef/Partner Michael Lombardi is one of Boston’s most talented rising star chefs. Michael was born on Long Island and then shortly after moved to Connecticut with his big, Italian family. Though food was around him and he took interest in it, there was not a driving force for him to work in a restaurant. As a result, he went to Boston University for business because his passion was to own his own business one day. While at BU, Michael got a front-of-the-house position in a casual Italian restaurant where he found himself spending more time in the kitchen. Once he graduated, he followed his food passion to the Culinary Institute of America and pursued an opportunity for an externship in Italy at a restaurant called Zeppelin in Umbria, owned by Lorenzo Polegri. Zeppelin is where Michael met SRV Partner, Kevin O’Donnell.

Upon returning to New York, Michael staged at del Posto and then accepted a position there in 2009 as a Garde Manger. He and his SRV partner, Kevin O’Donnell were later contacted to open a small bistro in France, which would eventually become the hugely successful L’Office in Paris. After leaving France, Michael went to work at Gwynnet Street in Brooklyn which was named one of Esquire Magazine’s “Best New Restaurants”. Michael joined Kevin at the Salty Pig in Boston in 2013 to be part of the team. The duo worked with the Salty Pig owners to find a new location for their Venetian restaurant concept, SRV. Michael lives in Boston with his wife who is also a chef in the area.