Philip Sireci

Executive Chef

Nantucket Hotel

Chef Philip Sireci believes that cooking and music share a lot in common, and he has the experience to back his theory up. Before finding his way to the kitchen he worked as an audio engineer and a guitarist with aspirations to be Eric Clapton. “Creating menus that satisfy a person’s five senses is like composing a song. Cooking and music require a similar cadence of creativity”. As it happened, a memorable dinner on Nantucket many years ago was the catalyst for his new creative aspirations. After asking for a look in the kitchen, what he saw was a creative chaos that seemed familiar and magical.


He enrolled at the French Culinary Institute and was soon in the kitchen of some of New York City’s best regarded restaurants, including Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Café. In Provincetown he headed his first restaurant where he had the opportunity to compose his own dishes and menus, drawing on that same creative spark that got him into music.


His career took him from Provincetown back to New York where he most recently spent four years leading the kitchen at Fine & Rare and The Flatiron Room in Manhattan. The next chapter of his career takes him back to Nantucket, where his culinary story began.