Marc Hochar

Chateau Musar
Bekka Valley, Lebanon

In 2010, Serge Hochar received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the German magazine Der FeinSchmeker, and that same year Marc Hochar, Serge’s second son, joined Chateau Musar to help run and expand the family winery’s activities.

Marc has always been passionate about wine, but only got involved with the family business after a 20-year long career in investment banking and asset management. Marc is 3rd generation Hochar, a member of Musar’s board, and is responsible for international sales, marketing, and financial affairs.

Together with his cousin, Ralph, and brother, Gaston – they continue the pioneering work started by their grandfather in 1930 in making fine wines renowned for their elegance and longevity.

“When you first open a bottle of Chateau Musar, the wine needs time to adapt to its new environment; it is introverted and understated, there is no “instant gratification”. As it opens up, it reveals more of itself and of you, as you dig deeper and uncover more of what the wine has to offer. Every bottle, every glass, every sip is different. And the more time you give it in your glass, the more it changes and surprises you. This is the journey of Musar.” – Marc Hochar, Grape Collective