Mark Haisma


Mark Haisma Wines | Burgundy
Burgundy, FR
Burgundy has been my home now for over ten years, and in a greater sense since I built ‘Le Shed’, our winery in 2016 and planted our first vineyard in 2019.
My foray into winemaking had been under the tutelage of the late, legendary Dr Bailey Carrodus at Yarra Yering in Australia. Those formative years were an incredible grounding for my experience of viticulture, winemaking and ultimately the development of my own style.
In 2018 we bought our first piece of virgin land – a two-hectare plot in the Macon, the south of Burgundy – where we planted Chardonnay in 2019 and Gamay and Syrah in 2020 and we saw our first harvest from these vines in 2022. The chance to buy an organic Domaine in Gevrey Chambertin came in 2020 and now that we have acquired and are farming those, we can complete the whole picture of being vigneron from the vineyard to the cellar.
Winemaking for me is the full spectrum of elements, from working the land, tending the vines, harvesting and last but not least the winemaking itself.
We continue to purchase fruit as a négociant in Burgundy and the Rhone, with a focus on identifying vineyards that have been well-tended and managed by the growers. In making the wines, I work towards expressing the characteristics that each vineyard has to offer. That shows true expression of place, and
does not seek to create a homogenous style of each grape variety.
In my search for expression and beauty, I have been tempted to the heights of the Hautes-Côtes, down to the distant slopes of the Northern Rhone. During the last vintage 2023, we produced 18 different wines. We are excited about what we have managed to achieve in this short time frame and look forward to what is coming next.