Located on the island of Nantucket, this boutique experience of world class wines and award winning food will forever change you. Over the past 22 years, the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival has become one of the most celebrated wine and food events in the country.  


LOBSTA AND BUBBLES - Champagne et la Mer

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1:00pm - 2:30pm
White Elephant

50 Easton St.
Nantucket, MA 02554

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A Harbor Dream Come True:  Veuve Clicquot by the Sea - What could be better than lobster and champagne on Nantucket Harbor?  Join us for this decadent pairing featuring passionate personalities that will keep you engaged and entertained. Veuve Clicquot Winemaker Dominique Demarville will take you on a journey through the production and unique flavor profiles of three VCP Cuveés:  Yellow Label, Vintage and Rosé.  Paired perfectly with this bubbly presentation is the cuisine of Chefs Brian Alberg of the Red Lion Inn and Kevin O'Donnell of SRV. Together, these talented luminaries will lead us in lively conversation and a delicious combination of two of our most cherished indulgences: Champagne and Lobster. 

Featured wines include:

  • Veuve Clicquot - Brut Rosé 
  • Veuve Clicquot - Yellow Label Brut
  • Veuve Clicquot Vintage


Dominique Demarville, Cellar Master and Winemaking Director, Veuve Clicquot

Deputy Cellar Master Dominique Demarville was selected by Cellar Master Jacques Péters to joined Veuve Clicquot in July 2006. Dominique developed a true passion for champagne viniculture and viticulture after his first harvest in Champagne in 1985. He obtained a technical degree in Oenology and Viticulture at Lycée Viticole de la Champagne in Avize, followed by a specialized two-year degree in oenology at the University of Burgundy, Dijon. During his studies, he experienced winemaking in several complementary regions such as Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne in Aÿ and Rilly-la-Montagne. 

Brian Alberg, Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary Development, The Red Lion Inn

Brian oversees all aspects of culinary operations for Main Street Hospitality and has been Executive Chef at The Red Lion Inn since 2004. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, he is a member of Chefs Collaborative and Boston Chefs, serves on the board of the Norman Rockwell Museum and the Railroad Street Youth Project and is the founding chair of Berkshire Farm & Table. Brian curates Berkshire regional dinners annually at the James Beard House and has been the selected chef for Outstanding in the Field every year since 2011. Brian is a staunch supporter of the local food movement in the Berkshires and Hudson Valley and he lives with his family in Kinderhook, NY.

Kevin O’Donnell, Co-Executive Chef and Partner , SRV

SRV Co-Executive Chef/Partner Kevin O’Donnell is one of Boston’s most talented rising star chefs whose background is compelling enough to play out on the big screen.   
Kevin grew up in North Kingston, RI near Newport into a half Irish, half Italian household. His grandparents also had a garden and he was always the last one at the table savoring every flavor that was put in front of him. When his mom went back to school, he learned how to cook and be creative in the kitchen and his siblings and dad loved everything he made for them. The more creative he got, the more they praised him.  He worked in a quick service Italian restaurant when he was 16 and found himself in the kitchen learning how to make pizzas. He loved working in restaurants and while there, the chef who owned the pizzeria encouraged him to go to Johnson & Wales. 
He went to Johnson & Wales and while there, staged at a restaurant called Zeppelin in Umbria that was owned by Lorenzo Polegri who is known for taking in American culinary students and teaching them the authentic Italian way of cooking as well as how to farm and butcher animals for the restaurant. Lorenzo let all the chefs live in a house by the restaurant on the farm where the chefs would be integrated into every aspect of the restaurant.  They would learn how to break down animals in broken Italian, make sausages, make sauces, pickle vegetables, make olive oil and cure meats.   
After his externship ended, he came back to RI where he became Chef de Cuisine at Trattoria del Corso and learned how to make homemade pasta and embraced the simplicity of Italian cooking.  While there, the owner of Zeppelin called and asked him to come back and be a sous chef for him which he gladly accepted.  The timing worked for him to finally cross paths with a talented CIA extern named Michael Lombardi who is now his business partner and Co-Executive Chef at SRV. They hit it off right away and their similarities and passion for cooking helped spark a friendship and mutual respect for one another.  

A Sicilian chef named Carlo took the time to teach Kevin and Michael the traditional, formal methods of cooking Italian food and would not let them deviate from them.  Kevin stayed there for two years and Michael was there for six months. Kevin then left Italy to return to the states where he worked at Castle Hill Inn in Newport upon returning to the states but always kept in touch with Michael. 
When del Posto was short-handed, Kevin went to stage there and the tables were turned as Michael was now Kevin’s boss. Kevin was hired on to work the pasta station and he slept on Michael’s floor in his NYC apartment until the two got a place together.  The restaurant was re-reviewed while they were there and it got a coveted 4 stars from the New York Times.  
After leaving Del Posto, Kevin was contact by a Parisian whom he met at the Beard House who said he was opening a bistro in Paris in three weeks and asked him to be the Executive Chef.  Kevin said yes with the stipulation that Michael comes with him. The bistro, called L’Office, was a huge success and these young American chefs were able to win the hearts and the stomachs of the Parisians who frequented their restaurant.  It became so popular that they had to stop answering the phone because they couldn’t take anymore reservations.  The staff they hired all had to speak a little English so that they could communicate with the kitchen. The duo wowed the French guests with some beautiful alliterations of French and Italian cuisine mixed in with some very basic American foods. They got 3 out of 4 stars in the daily papers in Paris and Bon Appetit, Vogue and Elle all named L’Office “Best Bistro in Paris”. The duo had to leave Paris and come back to America due to work permits.   
Kevin then met with the CODA Group owners Michael Moxley and Jim Cochener in late 2012 and told him that he would like to work with them, but his goal is to open a restaurant in Boston with his buddy, Michael Lombardi.  They hired Kevin to run the Salty Pig and then Michael joined him in 2013 to be part of the team. Kevin’s brother, Brian O’Donnell, runs the charcuterie program while Kevin and Michael run the kitchen. The duo have been working with Michael and Jim to find the perfect space to open their dream restaurant which is called SRV and is a tip to Venetian small plates called cicchetti, homemade pasta, Italian Seafood and a serious wine program.  The restaurant, slated to open in November 2015, is short for the Serene Republic of Venice and will feature a wine bar with standing room for guests to enjoy cicchetti and a dining room where guests can order perfect composed dishes such as risotto made to order,  hand milled pastas, and polenta with braised meats.  
Kevin was recently married and he and his wife live in Boston.